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Any new idea requires reasoning. Establishing Arts for the Heart of England is a passionate belief that the arts nourish the soul, are good for our well-being and help us grow as people. Having been involved in several events over the years in the East Midlands, all of them well attended, it is evident that there is a hunger for more cultural activity and a clear eagerness to experience greater access to the arts. The vision is to expand the content to include jazz, children’s events, the visual arts and to add to the other partners already engaged in the same process. The hope is this will be the catalyst to establish cultural events in the region: these will include some of the finest artists in some of the most stunning venues in the UK in the heart of England.

Many thanks to those who joined us for the inaugural Rutland Festival Weekend in June 2019. We hope to see you return to some of our events over the coming year! 

David Hill MBE, Festival Director

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